Rambling in the Used

So today I took a trip down memory lane, that was really unexpected and fullfilling. I have to tell you a used CD store can be a boon to a "dedicated audiophile" on a budget. The market for used CDs is skyrocketing, although how much so isn't readily apparent, since many used CD stores and sellers really do not tell customers about. There are about 600 million new CDs sold in the U.S. in a year and if can get a little piece of glory for a fraction of the price...I will. Used CDs for $9 or less, though brand new titles often go for more. Still, this is far less than the typical $18 price tag of a new CD. So coughing over a few bucks for a memory is "Priceless".

Most people sell their CDs for the most money, but I think that they forget about the memories that they should not be throwing away. Take for instance when I see the Usher CD, "My Way". I think of time well spent in high school and sitting in front of the television, trying so hard to get my "Soul Train" moves down. Might I add the CD is still well-received and with a steady demand. Or when I see TLC's "CrazySexyCool". The fisrt thought that goes through my mind is "I give you the red light special all through the night!" Or even when I see a CD from Crazytown, "The Gift of Game"...that I never liked, but remember the cover of it anyways. How many of you still remember who these losers are.

It doesn't matter if I like the CD or not. What matters is it that it serves as some sort of milestone in my life and I can hold on to that memory for a little bit longer...I will.
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Joke of the Day

A young woman decided to come out of the closet. Nervously, she decided to approach her mother and found her in the kitchen where she was stirring stew with a wooden spoon.

Gathering up courage, she decided to blurt it out. "Mom, I'm gay!"

The mother carried on stirring the stew without looking up. "You mean lesbian?"

"Uh, yeah."

Still the mother continues stirring. "Does that mean you lick women down below?"

"Well, er, yes."

The mother finally looked up from the pot and, waving the spoon at her daughter, said: "Then don't you ever complain about my cooking again!"
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Let "IT" Go

Do you ever feel like this?

One of the struggles many people struggle with over the years is the distinguishing differences between the idea of letting go of something, surrendering to it or just settling - for it.

This for many of us is true in all areas of our life but it can be especially true in our relationships. We start every relationship with a dream, a hope and loads of desires that this person will finally be the person that you will develop a long life with, whether it be a intimate or friendly relationship. An ideal principle, someone I believe in.

I am not suggesting that staying in the relationship can not be a continually nurturing and growing process for both people. After 1, 5, or even 10 years if you are still searching to find what' s right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse about a person I think that there comes a time when you just have to "let it go".

I am not saying drop the the person from your life completely; I am simply suggesting however that sooner or later each of us must decide to: let go of something; an expectation, a hope, a desire. We must learn that settling for something is not as bad as it sounds and we must come to the realization that surrender does not imply giving up or giving in - but it means to accept. And once you accept something, the struggle ends.

You are not your relationship and your relationship does not define you. It is just one of the many roles you play in life.
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Counting Calories

"food awareness"

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Joke of the Day

A local bakery decided to hire a part-time counter person and ended up with a local co-ed who could work evenings and weekends. She had one eccentric characteristic (which was unknown when she was hired) -- she wore short skirts and no underwear. Needless to say, she was a real beauty and had a figure to die for.

The bakery had a small storefront so it was necessary to have the various products on shelves and use a ladder to reach the uppermost items. The item that was previously the least popular -- the raisin bread -- was quickly becoming the most popular with gentlemen. Conveniently enough, the raisin bread was kept on the highest shelf of all.

One day, an elderly gentleman came in and ordered a loaf of bread. The young lady, without thinking, scurried up the ladder and then realized she had not asked the gentleman what kind of bread he had wanted so she nodded and asked, "Raisin?"

"No," he replied, "but it's beginning to twitch just a little."
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Joke of the Day

A wife asked her husband to buy some organic vegetables. He went to the supermarket, but couldn't find any on the shelves. So he asked an elderly male employee: "These vegetables are for my wife. Have they been sprayed with poisonous chemicals?"

The employee said: "No. You'll have to do that yourself."
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Voice of Man(Not Men)

I guess I will dive right in today. So it's early Monday morning and I am on my way back from Seattle. I had to make a stop at the McDonald's in Federal Way (Sorry Monica, I really needed to get home.). I guess you could call it "the early morning hunger" interrupting my peaceful drive back to the wonderful city that is Bremerton(insert joke(s) here).

I decided to get something simple from McDonald's. I decided on a sausage biscuit sandwich with jelly(grape) and a water. I just needed something to whole me over until I got home.

While I was frantically devouring the sandwich a stranger approaches me and asks me if it is okay for him to obtain my opinion about a piece that he was doing for Seattle Times.

First thing that runs through my mind is, "Is he about to ask me a question about "Black folk". I'm about ready to let him have it if he does. Thankfully for my sake and his he ask a very connecting question.

He asks, "Where have all the fathers gone?"

I think, "Hmmm..."

then I think, "I know where my father has gone."

And thenI give him the best "I know but I don't want to say the wrong thing and take the chance of looking stupid stare".

He begins to talk and I begin to talk. At conversations end we come to a conclusion that there are several reasons why fathers are absent.

- Mothers
- Society(slash)Media
- Women

As you can see all valid, but I think with all the the "hoopla" he was feeding me we both blatantly skip over the real answer to his very complex question.

The answer to his question should have been...fathers. If the father is absent in a child's life, there is only one person to the blame...the father.

After driving off into the sunset I kept asking myself several questions.

Why would a strange person ask me something like this. Am I able to speak on this subject. I am only one voice. I can't speak for the rest of the world and their experiences. Could I be the person that provides a wealth of information and advice for all those who have embarked on or plan to embark upon a serious father to son/ daughter relationship. Could I be the bearer of basic information on how to produce, analyze, and encompassed the voice of a father, always explaining how through proper technique and training fathers can achieve its ultimate in power, grace, and beauty when it comes to being a man.

I am sorry to disappoint, but I can't be the labyrinth for choosing the right decisions whether it be physical or emotional care. I can't be the body that relates because when it comes to diverse matters I experience stage fright. So when the time comes to face the critics, be your own biggest fan and face the challenge. Because I know when my time comes..."I'll be ready with open arms and nothing to hide!"
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They Way I Are

I realized that on Blogger, I tend to make myself out to be this awesome guy who has all these great attributes. Like I am some smart ass, suave 007 radical liberal of Blogger, who glides about the hypothetical room and makes interesting observations. That's not who I really am. I can be quite suave, but also quite clumsy, awkward, and sometimes "blondish". I have to say I am quite witty, but given the proper time to formulate their thoughts, who isn't?

And yes, I do have several talents that I need to continue to work on to find their full potential, but I am by no means a close to being a "Renaissance man". I'm not musically inclined- I don't play the drums, the guitar, or the piano. There are also several other things I would love to embellish, given the opportunity, but I'll save everyone the trouble of reading about my exaggerated greatness.

One major difference between who I am here and who I really am is my demeanor towards others. In real life, I am a very nice person, and try my best to keep everyone around me comfortable, assuming they aren't purposely trying to make me uncomfortable. But here, shit, I'm anonymous. No one knows who the fuck I am. I could claim to be Jesus Christ and who is anyone to tell me I'm not? By the way, God says "Hello."

So if I ever sound like I'm bragging about something, which I hope never seems the case, please consider that this is just the Internet me speaking, and I may very well be making myself out to be way cooler than I really am. But who here hasn't done that a time or two?