My Week in Seattle

My eventful week in Seattle was filled with many different things. I just thought I would share a few things that were constant and also what got me through the days.

Starbucks was there for me morning, noon, and early evening. I think that I clocked more time in Starbucks this week than ever. I guess you can say the atmosphere pulled me in.

Just thought I would also give a shout out to the anti-Starbucks, Tully's. It just doesn't have the same taste and atmosphere as Starbucks. My suggestion to them is to just be bought out like everyone else has. It would so much easier for them.

This pig and others like it occupy Seattle's streets, decorated in various ways and designed by what I think to be local artist. It reminds me of when I was in Chicago. They used cows instead of pigs though.

"Ride the Ducks", what more needs to be said. It seemed like we were on the same schedule. Everyday around the same time, filled with doe-eyed people it traveled down the streets of Seattle. You could here the tour guide trying his best to entertain, but I am sure that most of the people just wanted him to shut up. As I was taking the picture all the people looked at me as if I was crazy. As the boat sailed off one ladies gutted it out and waved her hand as if she was letting me know that it was okay to take the picture.

I pass this restaurant everyday. Not really sure if it is any good or not, but one day I am going to get up the courage to stop and grab something to eat. If anyone has ever experienced their cuisine, please leave me some feedback and let me know if it's worth my time.

This was the last meal of my week in Seattle.

Each time I transit to Seattle, I find myself to be highly amused and some times arouse with the surrounds and people. Until next time...


Mo said...

I have not been to the Brazilan cafe but here's what I think...we should plan a day in Seattle and just go for the heck of it. Live life on the edge. You, me, our cameras and whomever else wants to be a part of the adventure.

Ace C said...

Sounds like a plan. What about next weekend?

Mo said...

Which one? This coming up or the weekend of the 30th?

Ace C said...

The weekend of the 30th.

Mo said...

Might be tough to do next weekend. I have a long overdue facial and eyebrow appt, a graduation party, and am picking Pete and the girls up from the Bellingham airport Sunday.

Could you do Friday maybe or the following weekend?