Just A...

***Insert taken from another blogger, but fits my Saturday night "Wine tasting Extravaganza"***

". . . squirrel trying to bust a nut.
Today, I got my nut.
Lots and lots of 'em. (Well only one, but it felt like lots and lots of them.)
Today made up for the day yesterday. (It actually made up for months.)
Good things do come to those who wait. (Wait! Hybernation is more like it.)
Prayers can be answered. (Amen!)
Life is good. (@$%#ing is better!)
That is all for now.
Actually that is all I am willing to post here.
It's work related. (Yep, Lots and lots of work)
Peace and Love Peeps."

You know normally I don't kiss and tell, but I just thought I would just entertain a little bit.