An "IPOD" for your Thoghts?

Well I'm off and running full speed ahead this morning.

As I travel through Seattle this morning I can't help but notice that everyone in their mom is wearing a set of white earphones. If you own an iPod you know what I am talking about.

"Apple iPod Earphones fit comfortably in your ears and sound great — whether you’re listening at your desk, on the treadmill, in your backyard hammock, or wherever you enjoy your iPod."

As much as I love my iPod, I have to totally disagree with this statement. Those factory earphones are just about as worse as a Q-Tip being shoved in your ear. And I know what you are thinking..."buy someone that are comfortable." And my answer to that would be that I have purchased some news ones. I got them from Best Buy for $60. And I know you are thinking, "Who the hell pays $60 for earphones?" Try them before you know them.

I am so off my subject.

I wanted to just comment on the frequency and standard-bility that Apple had set. AS I travel as a speed walkers pace. I can't help but wonder what everyone else is listening too. I wonder it they stay up a little bit passed 11 pm to get the new songs on Monday. I wonder how many songs that we have alike. If they are rocking out or holding back from moving their hips to some old Britney Spears songs. I wonder if they paid, imported, or stole the music that is on their iPod. I wonder if they wonder what I am listening to. Sometimes I just want to stop someone, grab their iPod and start scrolling through.
As you travel and see others with an iPod, it makes you feel connected in some strange way. It resonates the same feeling of when you meet a stranger for the first time and find out that they are from the same state, city, and lived a block away from you. I sometimes find myself thinking about what I would do without my iPod and I draw a blank over and over again. I can hear you na-sayers screeching to a halt. I can even hear a few of you say, "What about the Zune and all the other MP3's?" I say to you, "What about them."
Gone are the days of wondering what the first space would look like(are we even close). But here are the days when we wait to see what the hell Apple is coming out with next. Damn you Mr. Jobs.

Apple soon as my contract is up, you're next on my list.


Mo said...

Get out of my head!!! I wonder the same stuff, especially in the airport.

What I want to know is what brand of earphones did you get? I'm not hating on the $ spent...not one bit. I hate my little white buds but I have yet to spend time to look for new ones. Hook a sista' up with a recommendation.

And you would be the first one to get an Apple phone wouldn't you?