"Even when Seattle weather dampens the spirit, it's always summer inside Ipanema, where a bold Brazilian soundtrack and the aro off the beach in Rio. The street-side lounge servma of sizzling meat make you feel like you've sauntered ines a bar menu, including feijoada, Brazil's national dish, and array of potent cocktails, ranging from the caipirinha to a sambatini that'll make you get up and shimmy.

The beauty of Brazilian barbecue (known as churrascaria de rodizio) dining is that eating begins immediately: visit the mesa de frios (a buffet with salads, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits and veggies), and fried bananas, rice, cassava, sauteed greens and black beans will have been delivered to your table. Then the real fun begins: black-clad passadores (male servers) make the rounds with saber-sharp knives and prodigious skewers of perfectly grilled, roasted, marinated meats, poultry, pineapple and seafood, portioning off whatever your heart desires and stomach can contain. Top sirloin, garlic tenderloin, garlic-lime prawns, lamb and a filet mignon that could make a grown man weep with joy are just a handful of options. Just remember: no doggie bags are permitted, so pacing is key. Desserts are fine, especially orange creme caramel. -- Ginny Morey"

I have to say dining at Ipanema was an interesting dining experience for and I think that it is a wonderful place for a group.

They serve Brazilian style meat on a sword(some really ancient shit). A little intimidating at first, but just as fun as other communal types of food, like Ethiopian, fondue or dim sum.

The decor is very simple and reminescent of South American culture. It has sort of a tropical baja sort of thing, with tons of vivid colors, rattan and really comfortable seats. Depending on whether you do lunch or dinner the types of meat and buffet varies. I dined in for lunch. They have a huge buffet that includes fruits, salads, pasta, meats, etc. Just a whole variety.

The meat on the sword is what makes this place. They serve 13 different kinds of meat. And continuous come out with more. If your card is green they stop and offer, if red, they pass by. Fillet mignon, shrimp, flank steak, pepper steak, pork ribs, turkey wrapped in bacon, passion fruit chicken, ... just to name a few. And all delicious.

To complete the meal they even serve some interesting Brazilian drinks. Their national drink, which is a sugar based alcohol is so sweet and strong. And fried bananas to seal the evening. You get a lot of food for what you pay for and the servers are polite, quick and really seem to have fun with their work.

A definite recommendation for a fun evening out (Monica, This a hint for you!) or impressing out-of-towners, maybe even a first date.

So to all of you who haven't seen me in some and want to connect and have a drink and get some really good food...call me, we can do lunch or dinner.



Mo said...

Yummers. I will be calling soon. When I get all my crap done.

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I have been calling you, dammit. Return my calls. Tell Kyla she's just going to have to unhand you dammit.