Shut Your Effing Mouth!

Can I just get a break...

"If I(or anyone for that matter) tells you something about someone at work or in your personal life, whether it’s big or small. Whether it has meaning or even if it's just some frivolous crap. Whether the person is your best friend or your enemy. If what I told you doesn't directly effect them, I think that you should keep your mouth closed. Now don't get me wrong. I am not telling you to lie or deceive anyone in your immediate circle at all. I am just saying most things that you say when someone is not around usually aren't conversational topics to begin with. Normally they wouldn't come up. So if you have or experiencing this problem. Below are a few tips for you."

That is a piece of a piece that I did back in July of last year. For some strange reason, it has happened to me again. I know what you are thinking...and I am right there with you.

"It's my Fault!"

And this time and this time only will I agree with you on this one. For undisclosed reasons I cannot divulge the story. If I did I would run the risk of opening up a barrel of ass all over the place.

Read my July piece on " How's about a nice cup of..."

Know that all the characters are the same just a different story. I think that it is time that I pulled I my green markerout and went to work!

I've come up with a new idea this time since the marker didn't work. I was thinking that maybe I should just start punching people in the mouth. At least this way I feel the point would have some meaning behind it. I guess you can use the same adage that you would use with a dog. After a few times of being smack, the picture will become more clearer.

Either get on the same track with me or I'll be forced to run you over!



Mo said...

Alrighty then. We need a catch up session don't we?

Ace C said...

Yeah you are way behind on a lot of stuff.