Before I start I would like to send a few shout outs.

Monica, Eileen, Diana, and Tom. All were people who replied to me on Saturday night, when I was drunk texting. Thanks for replying.

So this weekend I decided to go to the club...let me clarify...I was invited to go to the club by my roommate. For those of you who don't know she is a part time go-go dancer. She and a few of the ladies that she knows were dancing at a club in Tacoma, called J.D's. If you aren't familiar with the place, it's because it is new. So the night started off normal. A beer(preferably a Bud Light...advertising at its best) and it went down hill from there. A shot of patron was all it took and I was off and running. And as everyone else knows when you are having a good time and your friends aren't around you feel incline to let them know what they are missing out on. And so I did. Over and over again.

***Note to self and note to everyone else.***
When heavy drinking leave your phone in the car, purse, or in the care of someone else. Whatever you do keep the phone away from yourself.

I have never been sure why I carry my phone with me when I know that I will drinking. It's not like I am going to be of use anyways. It's not like I can really come to the aid of anyone. I can't drive, cook, do simple math (not that I can when I am sober either) or even remember my ABC's.

When was the last time that someone drinking shots of Patron saved the day or the last time someone drunk a half a case of Coronas(with lime) and came to bail you out of jail...never... they were probably sitting next to you.

So everyone say and repeat this slogan with me, "Friends don't let friends drive drunk nor do they let them text!"


Mo said...

All I am going to say is HA!

Shall we relive a little bit of Saturday night? I think we shall because it was so much fun.

First text: Pour some sugar on me. *Alrighty then*

I knew I was in for a good time right off the bat.

Then, "This is a substitute for a drunken call wake up bitches with the pun included" *I was impressed you were able to spell. I am still trying to figure out what the "with the pun included part means. Can you help me out?*

I won't post the next one, out of respect for you.

Here's my favorite. "Go doing the robot bitches" *I had an image of some peeps doing the robot on the dance floor and you doing what we do best when something like this is observed.*

The rest of them I really won't post. Again out of respect for you but let's just say I knew I was missing a good time with you. :0

I got your back anytime. Except for when we are in jail. I don't think they will put us in the same cell or drunk tank. Other than that, I'm here for ya'!

Ace C said...