As stupid as this sounds I really wish I could take a break from life and go to "rehab". Just think about for a second or two...times up!

I know you are thinking..."Why Ace, why!"
And I'm thinking..."Do you really have to ask?"
And you're thinking..."Just answer the question dammit!"
And I thinking..."Okay, okay!"

Here's my thought on rehab. Rehab is like a 30 day vacation. You get to take those wonderful medications that make you drowsy and want to sleep all day. You get to get away from all the stresses of life, including the people who are driving you there in the first place. It's almost like you are in your own little bubble. And you also don't have to work and deal with all the bitchy and catty people that are always lurking and invading your privacy. An if you are lucky, you might run into Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, that dude from Desperate Housewives, and many other celebrities that have decided to take a break on life.

So I ask you which would you rather do? If you're down I'll see you there. If not I'll sleep on it for you.

Celebrities look out Ace is on his way to town and I got a pen for autographs.