Survey Says . . .

I stole this from a fellow blogger(Murph)(yep that's your name).

Survey Says . . .
~*~* Top 10 *~*~

---10 Firsts---
First Best Friend::: Herman
First Screenname::: acebooncoon_81
First Pet Name::: Got stolen before I could give him a name
First Piercing::: Nipples
First Crush::: Dequita
First CD::: Vanilla Ice
First School::: Crestwell
First House Location::: Shreveport
First Kiss::: Meisha
First Car::: Pontiac LeMans

---9 Lasts---
Last Time You Smoked::: 7 years ago
Last Food You Ate::: Taco Bell
Last Car Ride::: To Taco Bell
Last Movie You Watched::: In Her Shoes. In a theater, My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Last Phone Call::: Duck
Last CD You Listened To::: Nelly Furtado's Newest
Last Bubble Bath You Took::: Last Night
Last Song You Listened To::: SexyBack by Justin Timberlake
Last Words You Said::: "When I called"

---8 Have-You-Evers---
Dated A Best Friend::: No
Been Arrested::: No
Been On TV::: No
Eaten Sushi::: No
Cheated On Your B/F or G/F::: No
Been On A Blind Date::: Yes
Been Out Of The Country::: Yes
Been In Love::: No

---7 Things You Are Wearing---
1::: Watch
2::: T-shirt
3::: Shirt
4::: Slacks
5::: Socks
6::: Cologne
7::: Underwear

---6 Things You've Done Today---
1::: E-mailed
2::: Laughed
3::: Called cable company
4::: Read blogs
5::: Answered many phone calls
6::: Prayed

---5 Favorite Things (not in any order)---
1::: Music
2::: Reading
3::: Drinking
4::: Talking
5::: Reality TV

---4 People You Most Trust(not in any order)---
1::: Duck
2::: Donn
3::: Tomas
4::: Kristin

---3 Things You Want To Do Before You Die---
1::: Skydive
2::: Visit Australia
3::: Finish my degree

---2 Choices---
Vanilla or Chocolate::: Vanilla
Hugs or Kisses::: Hugs

--1 Person You Want To See Right Now---
1::: My Dad


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