End of....

The day has gone by and it is late at night here in Casa de Ace and I am trying to "peace" together the memories of today. It seems like one big blur.

I remember the days when I could recall every second, every minute and every hour of my life. Now I have trouble just trying to figure what happened five minutes ago. If not for the Tivo I wouldn't even have a clue what's on T.V.(for those of you who know me...you know that is a lie, but it sounds good on paper).

I remember when what I did had meaning and stood for something.
I remember waking up and challenging myself to do something new and innovative.
I remember the morning runs and workouts(if you run across my "mug" lately you know I shouldn't be missing in workout sessions).
I remember when I used to remember.

I remember when I used to remember.


Mo said...

First, welcome to the world of blogging.

Second, I am so there with you. It seems like these days I can't remember what happened three hours ago let alone three days ago.

The little I know of you right now, has meaning and stands for a lot.

You've got it together. I'm inspired and impressed.

Anonymous said...

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