Hows About a Cup of Shut the !@#$ up!

Shut the !@#$ up!
-A valid way to tell someone to be quiet.
-Abbreviated as STFU.
-A term/phrase that Ace uses quite frequently.

"Can be served in a cool glass, a frothy mug, or a piping hot cup, when in its liquid state. Can be served as a meal. Use creatively."

Come one, come all. Today I am going to issue a little lesson you guessed it …"Shut the !@#$ up!

Lately I have come across several people that have not mastered the art of not talking or just simply talking too much and frankly it’s starting to work every nerve in my body. I have been debating if I should confront them or just leave it alone. At this point it would be easier to just graze over the situation and keep it moving.

Being that I am a natural talker I feel some kind of sympathy for others who love to talk, but there are several lines that should never be crossed.

Here's the scenario:

If I(or anyone for that matter) tells you something about someone at work or in your personal life, whether it’s big or small. Whether it has meaning or even if it's just some frivolous crap. Whether the person is your best friend or your enemy. If what I told you doesn't directly effect them, I think that you should keep your mouth closed. Now don't get me wrong. I am not telling you to lie or deceive anyone in your immediate circle at all. I am just saying most things that you say when someone is not around usually aren't conversational topics to begin with. Normally they wouldn't come up. So if you have or experiencing this problem. Below are a few tips for you.

Here are some practical tips for a person who simply talks too much:

Catch him/her being quiet or listening (surely he/she does this some of the time), and give him/her brief verbal praise like "I noticed that you have been listening quietly; that makes me feel glad to be with you."

See how many times you can praise him/her in an afternoon or evening; make a chart or put a green mark on the back of his/her hand using a washable marker for every time he/she manages to keep quiet appropriately (tons of people love this). When he/she gets to a certain number of marks that you decide ahead of time, celebrate with a treat.

Tell him/her that learning when to talk and when to stay quiet is a hard thing when you're young. Express confidence that he'll/she’ll get better and better at this as he/she gets older.

If your he/she cannot or will not stop talking (at least for a few moments), give him/her a warning, then give him/her a time out. Again, it's important that you, as the adult, set this limit.
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Survey Says . . .

I stole this from a fellow blogger(Murph)(yep that's your name).

Survey Says . . .
~*~* Top 10 *~*~

---10 Firsts---
First Best Friend::: Herman
First Screenname::: acebooncoon_81
First Pet Name::: Got stolen before I could give him a name
First Piercing::: Nipples
First Crush::: Dequita
First CD::: Vanilla Ice
First School::: Crestwell
First House Location::: Shreveport
First Kiss::: Meisha
First Car::: Pontiac LeMans

---9 Lasts---
Last Time You Smoked::: 7 years ago
Last Food You Ate::: Taco Bell
Last Car Ride::: To Taco Bell
Last Movie You Watched::: In Her Shoes. In a theater, My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Last Phone Call::: Duck
Last CD You Listened To::: Nelly Furtado's Newest
Last Bubble Bath You Took::: Last Night
Last Song You Listened To::: SexyBack by Justin Timberlake
Last Words You Said::: "When I called"

---8 Have-You-Evers---
Dated A Best Friend::: No
Been Arrested::: No
Been On TV::: No
Eaten Sushi::: No
Cheated On Your B/F or G/F::: No
Been On A Blind Date::: Yes
Been Out Of The Country::: Yes
Been In Love::: No

---7 Things You Are Wearing---
1::: Watch
2::: T-shirt
3::: Shirt
4::: Slacks
5::: Socks
6::: Cologne
7::: Underwear

---6 Things You've Done Today---
1::: E-mailed
2::: Laughed
3::: Called cable company
4::: Read blogs
5::: Answered many phone calls
6::: Prayed

---5 Favorite Things (not in any order)---
1::: Music
2::: Reading
3::: Drinking
4::: Talking
5::: Reality TV

---4 People You Most Trust(not in any order)---
1::: Duck
2::: Donn
3::: Tomas
4::: Kristin

---3 Things You Want To Do Before You Die---
1::: Skydive
2::: Visit Australia
3::: Finish my degree

---2 Choices---
Vanilla or Chocolate::: Vanilla
Hugs or Kisses::: Hugs

--1 Person You Want To See Right Now---
1::: My Dad
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By Chance...

I am not sure if anyone out there is listening to me right now, but if you are here is my plea.

About three years ago I used to know this guy. He was about 5'9, 165lbs of lean muscles. And he also had a great personality to go with. He even looked good ashy.

Somehow we got seperated and I am trying to find him. I spend numerous hours at the gym picking up weights just hoping he will appear again. I spend numerous hours at the track just hoping that I will run pass him or he will run pass me, but for the last three years that hasn't happen. That's why I am bloggin this in hopes of finding him. I have even considered getting a private detector but in the back of my mind I think that they would think that I am crazy and that's why I need your help.

So if you can keep your eye out for him it would be really appreciated!

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

"Everyone's had a painful parting of the ways with a romantic partner. We pick up the pieces and move on. But for one New York guy, it's not going to be so easy. When he breaks up with his girlfriend, he discovers his ex is actually the reluctant superior, G-Girl. A scorned woman, she unleashes her super powers to humiliate and torment him."

I took a little time out of my busy schedule this weekend to go and watch a movie. I have been looking for a good comedy to watch and this seemed to be right up my alley. Usually I would not watch a movie with Uma Thurman, this time I made an exception. It turned out to be a really good one at the that. The movie was hilarious. There seemed to be joke after joke after joke.

So if you are feeling down and out about a past relationship or just need a good laugh make sure you put this movie on your list of things not to miss this Summer. Make sure it goes in between "Summer diet" and foods that start with the letter "Q"(movie trivia: What movie is the phrase "Foods that start with the letter "Q"")

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How Do You Know When Someone Is....

Today is a good day!

I spent most yesterday catching up on all the shows that I've Tivoed(does anyone know if this is a word or not ) since last week. A lot of the shows were repeats, but I think I watched them again just for the hell of it. There was a little Maury (You are not the father!), Oprah (Nothing was given away.), Big Brother All-stars (Talk about lies and deceit...i.e. the reason for the blog.) and a couple other shows.

Two of the shows that I recorded really made me think about the people that I surround myself with and what they bring to the table(by table I mean my life). You always here people saying that television rots the mind and that people should spend more time outdoors. I don't know about you but the last few things that I've done outdoors have involved with that said, I’ve learned how much alcohol that I can consume. Maybe someday that will help me find the cure for A.I.D.S., but for now it's a good relaxer and it doesn't take much to twist off a cap to a beer or pull the tab on a can. Back to what I was talking about earlier.

I was watching 106 and Park(BET) and one of the guest was asked, "Name one thing that you learned from you last relationship?" The guest replied, "No matter if it's a boyfriend/girlfriend or just friendship, the key is “trust and loyalty”." It was a relevant answer and just made complete sense. It was simple and to the point. On the flipside after the show went off I tuned into Big Brother All-stars and it deals with the same issues the guest was asked on 106 and Park. The only difference was all the people on the show swore up and down that they were all friends and that they were this and they were that, but as soon as the others backs were turned it was a different scenario. It just makes me think...

And here is what I leave you to think about...

If you won the lottery today and for some strange reason found out that you were also heading to prison. Which one of all your friends would you trust with your lottery winnings until you returned from prison? (Family is not an option.)
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Fewest Drop Calls...

"Cingular claims the company has the fewest dropped calls of any wireless carrier."

I would like to take a little private time out of my life and thank them for this because without them I would be still stuck with Sprint. Losing my signal every 5 minutes.

Before you stop reading this I better get to the point. I would like to just send a special shout out to my phone operator that's been on the other end of my calls that have been between 30 minutes to 2 hours. I really don't think that I need to say a name because this person should know who they are and if you don't then this was a waste.
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Fighting over the scraps!

I guess I will start today by saying…I would like to consider myself as the king of fighting whether it be verbal or physical. For some strange reason the act of fighting is my “hot spot” and once you get me going there is no stopping me. I mean I can go for days without missing a beat.

I like to think of myself as the Michael Jordan of fighting. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I am “Billy Bad Ass”, but I can take a punch and keep rolling and you know if I can take one I can damn well deliver a hell of a punch too. And if there are any struggling comedians out there and you need some fresh material for your shows…”Shout me a holler dog!”. I got you.

With all that said for some strange reason I have exhausted myself and am ready to hand over my crown. Nowadays life seems to be a little more about other things. Winning an argument or debating on things that mean nothing to me will now be thrown to the waste side and replace with something else. Maybe I'll take up smoking...I've got the drinking part down to a tee. Maybe even a little crocheting...Someone I know could use a good sweater or a scarf (I'm so full of myself right

So if you are on my list of people that I spend most of the day fighting with…it’s over!
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Loyalty 16:59

loy·al·ty - the act or quality of being loyal.

I am going to write until I get this out and I get it right. I am frustrated at the moment and can't seem to get my mind flowing. My mind seems to be on lock down and the key is thousands of miles away(locked away with a dragon guarding it).

The definition at the top of the page is what's "Hot" in my life right now. I am up in the air about this word because I feel that this word is a little deceiving. What exactly is the quality of being loyal and do you really have to be devoted to be loyal.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but the word and it's definitions have sent me through the roof. When I think of loyalty I think of respect, but today the word was used out of contexts and has brought me to the place where I am at now...It seems to me like the word has been misinterpreted often. And today was the first time that I have heard it used like this. The way it was used was almost like saying you're my "bitch", so you know your place and I have all confidence that you stay in your place... accept it and move on.

So when you're here where do you go? or Do you accept it?

This might seem like I am everywhere today because I am trying to reconnect to the inner "mogul", and get back ready for world domination...

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End of....

The day has gone by and it is late at night here in Casa de Ace and I am trying to "peace" together the memories of today. It seems like one big blur.

I remember the days when I could recall every second, every minute and every hour of my life. Now I have trouble just trying to figure what happened five minutes ago. If not for the Tivo I wouldn't even have a clue what's on T.V.(for those of you who know know that is a lie, but it sounds good on paper).

I remember when what I did had meaning and stood for something.
I remember waking up and challenging myself to do something new and innovative.
I remember the morning runs and workouts(if you run across my "mug" lately you know I shouldn't be missing in workout sessions).
I remember when I used to remember.

I remember when I used to remember.

Open Season!

I am trying to figure out what's a good opening to start my blog with. I have a few suggestions that I am throwing out there.
- Shazaam!
- Yeah! (Use the best Lil' Jon voice that you possibly can.)
- #$@! (You fill in the blank with any four letter word that you can think of...make sure it has a certain ring to it.)
I'll just use them all for now...

Here it is folks....I haven't yet decided on a purpose or why I feel that I need to write a blog. I have read through a slew of blogs since I found this site and have looked at all the reasons why people do these things. I am up in the air(or for kicks you can say, "I'm up in here!") Just a taste of my humor and what's to come.